Can I have a sponsorship?

SharkHost is always searching for people to sponsor! We just need to know you meet our standards.

YouTube Sponsorship Standards
  • At least 2,500 subscribers
  • At least 50,000 total views
  • At least 1,000 views per video
  • Space to advertise on your channel

Twitch TV Sponsorship Standards
  • 100+ Viewers per stream
  • 10,000 Channel views
  • Stream at least on a weekly basis
  • Space to advertise on your channel - Chat, Description, On screen, etc.

Advertising Methods and Tracking Info
  • You can advertise where you like, as long as it is allowed!
    • Some forum websites do NOT allow advertising.
  • We can track how many people you bring to the site and how many actually sign up using tracking links and promo codes.
    • You provide people with a link we give you and our system will keep track of who clicks it!
    • Our system also keeps track of how many people use the promo code!

If you have any questions about sponsorship that we didn't answer here, or if you would like to apply, please contact support here.

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